The Tropical Collection

A series of tropical artworks telling stories of travel, beauty and adventure in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo.


Suspended Acrylic/Canvas, 1.8m, Singapore
Swimming with Dolphins, Dreaming of Eagles Acrylic/Timber, Byron Bay
Jungle Boy Acrylic/Timber, Singapore
Bruised, Not Broken Acrylic/Timber, Mullumbimby
Hiding in the Waratah Tree Acrylic/Timber, Melbourne

crochet dress jungle.jpg

Hiking through the Jungle in a Crochet Dress Acrylic/Canvas, 1.2m, Singapore
Lost at the Circus Acrylic/Canvas, 1.2m, Penang
Campfire on Skull Beach Acrylic/Canvas, 1.2m, Langkawi
Karaoke in the coconut Grove Acrylic/Canvas, 1.2m, Bali
The journey Acrylic/Canvas, 1.2m, Australia