A colourful History

Eight generations ago, Heidi’s ancestors arrived in Australia as 18th Century Scottish Convicts. A family of painters, writers, farmers and fighters, Heidi’s grandparents survived wars, plane crashes, poverty, crowded prison ships, orphanages and German Concentration Camps to bring their family to fruition. Growing up in this strong, nomadic unit, along with her 7 brothers and sisters; a spirit of resilience and adventure slowly enmeshed itself into Heidi's bones. The Australian land began to bleed eight generations of love and loss into her toes. And surrounded by this chaotic world, she learned how to live. First as a sunburned child in Western Australia, toenails full of the desert sand blanketing the Aboriginal community she called home. And then as a teenager, running barefoot through the Queensland rainforest. Hiking through the night, tripping over snakes, jumping off waterfalls and riding car tyres down flooded river torrents. (Please don't try that kids, it's not the 1980's anymore, and we now know that flooded rivers are, errr, super dangerous and will probably get you strangled and drowned under a fallen tree, which did, by the way, nearly happen at least twice.)

At age 13, Heidi received an academic scholarship to attend Private College in Brisbane, and at 17, Heidi was awarded a Government scholarship to study at The Queensland College of Art, graduating with the award for Top Student in 2002. Within 12 months Heidi had launched a successful startup magazine, undertaken the redesign of the Big Issue Australia, and been hired to work for one of Australia's most elite design studios in Melbourne.

After winning multiple awards for her design work, including the Fairfax Australian Young Creative award (which took her to France to represent Australia), Heidi decided to branch out. In 2004 she started her own business, and in 2008, partnered with Creative Director (and husband) Peter Hibberd, to launch The Bird Collective, an eclectic creative studio producing  illustration, books, magazines, photography, branding, film and documentaries for clients, publishers and advertising agencies. Heidi simultaneously launched her own music label, and along with her writing and art direction work, spent 5 years touring Australia as a performing singer-songwriter, winning awards for her lyrics, and performing everywhere from the bars of Melbourne to the Woodford big Top on New Years Eve.

In 2014, after a decade of successfully running a commercial studio, an album launch, a year living in a caravan, and a month spent hitch-hiking across three states, Heidi decided it was finally time to take the exciting step into fine art. Taking her three sons out of school, Heidi began a two year adventure travelling Asia, learning and painting with her children. Her first series of work 'The Tropical Collection' is a culmination of two years worth of netbooks, canvases and timber panel artworks, which have travelled and documented Heidi's adventures throughout Asia.

Heidi Hibberd