The artwork.

Initially, Heidi began with sketchbooks. Taking them in her backpack, she was able to document her earliest travels in 2014 through the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. In 2015, she began to move into large scale experimental artworks, intentioned solely to capture the feelings and emotions of these ephemeral experiences rather than literal responses. 

By 2016 Heidi had settled into a routine of mixing up her pieces: expressive watercolour canvas portraits (which are later coated with acid free varnish and acrylic layers), creative landscapes in her travel journal. And a growing collection of beautiful abstract pieces inspired by the experiences documented in her more illustrative journals and portraits.

Most of these pieces have been dragged across the world, and painted whilst travelling. They tell so many stories. Over the last two years, these canvases and sketches have followed Heidi and her three sons across moonlit rice fields, through rainstorms and streets full of flashing motorbikes. In the back of dinged-up vans, up treacherous mountains and through jungle-rimmed river crossings. They've been rained on, had mosquitoes and ants pummelled into the paint fibres, and been imprinted with the scent of Indian flowers, the vibrations of the call to prayer, and the incense of Balinese temples woven deep into each piece of fabric.

Every piece captures a moment of beauty, reflection, sadness or joy. They are made to be enjoyed and loved.

Heidi Hibberd