Heidi Green descends from a long line of painters, writers, farmers and fighters, who arrived in Australia as Scottish convicts. Born into a nomadic family of eight children, painting became Heidi’s solace: an expression, and obsession. From age two onwards, she would often wake during the night, get up, and paint while the rest of the world slept.

By the time Heidi was a teenager, her love for creating and thinking had won her an academic scholarship to private college, followed by a university scholarship to study at The Queensland College of Art. She completed her Bachelor of Design Degree in 2002, with the award for Top Graduating Student.

In 2017, after 15 years working as an award winning designer/illustrator, a year living in a caravan, a month spent hitch-hiking across three states, and three overseas moves… Heidi decided it was finally time to follow her passion and make the leap into fine art.

Influenced by her eclectic life experiences: a childhood living amongst the Indigenous desert people of Western Australian, years immersed in the refugee community of Logan City, and finally, decades of running barefoot through the rainforests of Queensland and cities of Asia. These experiences have all shaped Heidi’s perspective into what it is today: a vibrant world literally exploding with colour.


In 2015, after recovering from an injury that left her unable to walk for 2 years, Heidi took a backpack, a notebook, a small case of pencils and paints, and set off to paint her way around Asia with her three sons.

What began as a colourful adventure, grew into a collection of watercolour and canvas works, created to express the ephemeral experiences of Heidi’s journey.

Dragged across moonlit rice fields, through rainstorms and streets full of flashing motorbikes; rolled up in the back of dinged-up vans, taken up treacherous mountains and over jungle-rimmed river crossings, the paintings tell many stories. They've had mosquitos pummelled into the paint fibres, been imbued with the scent of offerings and vibrations of the call to prayer. Each piece captures a moment of truth, beauty, sadness, or joy. They are vibrant, colourful and emotive, much like Heidi’s world.

In 2017, shortly after Heidi’s exhibition The Tropical Collection was shown at the Convention Centre in Singapore, the artworks were sampled into textiles, then developed into a runway show for Melbourne Fashion week. This collection forms the basis for Heidi’s new project, Bebassy: a startup fashion label manufacturing art into sustainable prints. Heidi currently creates and manufactures based out of her home studio in Bali, where she lives with her sons.



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